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VIDIAL is actually a Tamil word meaning Dawn.

Richness and beauty are found in abundance in our planet, but it is the dawn which unveils its beauty every morning. In the same way, VIDIAL hopes to shed light into unknown talents of students.

There are students, in this very country, who are unable to pursue their studies because they can't afford it. Fate has its piece of irony by making the same world with lots of people like you, who are good in their hearts to help these students who can't afford. VIDIAL acts as a link between people like you and those students.

The motive of Vidial is not to provide scholarships alone, but to mentor the students, hone their skills and improve their personality which would make them lead independent lives. And we have achieved success to some extent.

We have created a new blog to post our updates. Read here...

Scholarship Program - Operation ALFA:
Vidial gave scholarships to 42 students last year under Operation ALFA. Read more...
Other Initiatives:
At Vidial, apart from giving Scholarships, we endeavor to do things which help in facilitating education, like conducting camps, events for children. Read more...
You can make a difference
Your contribution can help Children achieve their dreams and aspirations. It can make a difference in the lives of children...
Vidial was registered as public Charitable Trust with the Government of India on 18th of June , 2007
Operation ALFA (A Lifeline for Fifty Aspirants)
This is Vidial's Scholarship program and currently 42 students are benefiting from it. Read More...
Success Stories
Sathish, Nivithya and Kanchana are some of the persons to whom Vidial contributed a bit in achieving something substantial in life.
More detals
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